Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dad's 70 Years of Memories Birthday Surprise!

My sweet Dad turned 70 this year! However, he was a little under the weather on his special day! That didn't stop him from a lil celebrating! We decorated his sitting area with a lil d├ęcor, as you can see.
Prior to his big day, I secretly sent emails and letters to friends and family asking them to recall a special memory with Dad, write it down, and either email or mail the memory to me. Well, it didn't take long for the memories to start pouring in! The memories ranged from Dad's childhood to him in school, from his career as a police officer/ sergeant to trips he had taken-Some people even included pictures! I ordered some special envelopes and bought some large number stickers to number each of the envelopes 1-70. I placed each memory in one of the envelopes and was able to fill all 70 (I even put two memories together in some of the envelopes as family and friends were more than generous to share)-Incredible! I bundled them up as shown and created a lil tag for the front. Finally, I wrapped up the bundle of memories.
When it came time for him to open the special present, he wasn't sure what to make of it until he started opening the envelopes.
Needless to say, Dad had many laughs and even some teary eyes while reading all of the memories! Yes, the envelopes took a while to open, but it was so worth the expression on Dad's face with each memory he read!
All who participated in making this gift possible, helped make Dad's 70th birthday one to remember!