Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bono's Birthday Cake

We celebrated our Dog's ninth birthday.  This cake was for the adults (don't feel bad for the dog, as he had a peanut butter ice cream treat).  I layered this cake with light blue and medium blue cake, filled the layers with raspberry filling, and topped it off with buttercream icing-yum! I used my cake cricut machine to create the letters, dog, and bones for the top-so much fun!  This cake was so moist and delicious!  Now, who's birthday is coming up next?  We need another good excuse for one of these cakes!


  1. beautiful cake. happy birthday bono. my birthday is july 30th and i SO WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ONE OF THESE DELIVERED TO ME. this year my bday is going to suck. i have to go into surgery on the 25th with 3 dr appts on my bday.

    1. Happy early birthday to you! Good luck with your surgery and here's to a speedy recovery! Thanks for checking out my blog! Tava :)