Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back-To-School Journal Jot

Looking for a Back-To-School writing activity?  This Journal Jot will jump start a great year of writing for your first graders! 


     Includes Back-To-School word dictionary, writing prompts, Home/School Connection (parents respond to a student's Journal Jot, Comment Jot, etc.
 Spaces to write and illustrate are included.  The Home/ School Connection pages are student favorites-they love giving their family members homework! 
 You can check it out now at my Teachers Pay Teachers store: Tiny Treasures By Teacher Tava
Let me know if you have any suggestions for a future Journal Jot... I am currently working on two others which I will post soon!  :)


  1. Tava,
    I’m your new follower! I am a Newbie Blogger I teach first grade, and I love scrapbooking, too!I appreciate all of the sharing of advice and ideas. Come on over for a visit sometime.
    Corinna :)
    Teaching Fabulous Firsties!

  2. Thanks Corinna! I am heading over to your blog. I hope you have a wonderful school year! Tava :)