Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Each year, I try to think of something different and special for the Mothers in my life. This year I went with the outdoors to create these cute arrangements: For my Mother-in-law, I found the cutest watermelon "welcome" container and filled it with outdoor decorative supplies such as: a pitcher, plastic cups, egg tray, spreaders, dip bowl with spoon, plates, napkins-all with a watermelon theme! For my Mom, I went with more of a flower theme. Their backyard furniture decor is brown and orange, so she got this cute orange container filled with a salad bowl, a large spoon and fork, cups, plates, napkins, candle votives, etc. Last but not least, our mothers always receive some type of floral arrangement on their special day. This year I even had time to make them both peach pies. They are both very deserving and worth so much more! Hope all of you had an enjoyable Mother's Day weekend!

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