Saturday, March 23, 2013

Date Night Jar

Ever need some assistance in deciding what to do for a date night? Well, this is such a cute and easy idea! The Date Night Jar! I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased a glass jar, adhesive "R" letter, paints, foam brush, and wooden sticks. I chose to color the sticks to match the color scheme in our bedroom: blue, green, brown, and orange. I painted nine sticks of each color. I added a metal scrapbooking embellishment ring, "love," and decorative ribbons. I wrote ideas for different types of date nights on the sticks: Brown: Vacation ideas that need time for planning; I thought it might be fun to draw one of these brown sticks out on New Year's Day and plan this main vacation for the year. Orange: Some expense required for date Green: Minimal expense needed for date Blue: No money required for date This would be a fun gift for a new bride or Mom-to-be, too! The best part is that you and your significant other can write the dates that interest you! Date night will never be a dilemma again! What are some of your favorite date night places to go/ things to do?

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