Saturday, March 9, 2013

Glass Decor and So Much More!

There are so many options for decorating and designing with glass. Here are a few ideas that I have tried out. Table Centerpiece: Glass decorative pieces with dome-shaped tops are always fun to find. Here are some different ways that I like to use them. Winter centerpieces: I added some fake fluffy white snow and cute little light-up snowmen. How simple! These look great turned on or off. These were a big hit at my parent's 40th Wedding Anniversary party. I enjoy changing these out for the different holidays. Easter is just around the corner, so I have already started setting the table. I added some Easter grass and decorative eggs inside the glass centerpieces. I attended a scrapbooking event a couple of weekends ago and won two glass dome toppers. These are so cute for displaying some mini albums in a craft room or around the house! Glass Block: Firefighter "Hero" Theme-I used mod podge to adhere some scrapbook paper to the back of the glass block. Glass adhesive was used to attach the decorative metal pieces onto the front of the block. Top it off with some ribbon and it is complete! The glass block decor looks great with the lights plugged in or unplugged. I also made one for my brother. The adhesive outline of the state looks neat on the front of the block. Jewelry: These lil glass jewelry pieces make great gifts! Add embellishments like mini jewels with special glass adhesive. What fun! I would love to see some of your creations! Leave a comment and direct me to your blog. Let's keep the sharing going! :)

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